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Full text of "[Letter to] Dear Mr. May [manuscript]"

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MTt^ Jfc^ l^'Lcc, (f- ^Cl/^/Uz^C^. 

^>utec C^lUj ^^^U tfc^ 

***** ^ZZ /^c^ ^V^s 

^Jr^ fc^j •^. < : ^ 

ded^ LnA~L feuj J^- t^u/ 

$ */j^fcz> t^^-^j Im-^c^ c/^w~" 

U /i^^M/ u,J^^t LsXu* fL^^ 1 L 

f/?*i Sq// 

n^/CZ <Jl^ 

/ lttl^ ^u. fu^fcj) A, 'fizz, ^>^iM^j t-*-*-*^ 
^<-t^ ^ ^ L ^ ^cjU^. /^mxa^ fit x ty-j^ 

/ 4 /w ^- ^ M-u^l, 

/evuew. I fa/^ J ^ ^U^? 

kzf <kr^i Hi, ^/ 2fc, u^tiL 

^ < C^J-t^